Amazon Surpasses 500 Solar and Wind Projects

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Amazon has become the world’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy for the fourth consecutive year, with over 100 new solar and wind energy projects added in 2023. The company’s portfolio now comprises more than 500 wind and solar projects globally, expected to generate over 77,000 gigawatt-hours of clean energy annually, sufficient to power 7.2 million U.S. homes. Amazon has invested in projects in 27 countries and over 20 U.S. states.

Brownfield Project in Maryland

Amazon announced its first renewable energy project on a brownfield—reclaiming a polluted coal mine site in Maryland into a solar farm named Amazon Solar Farm Maryland–CPV Backbone. The project is expected to be the largest solar farm in Maryland, featuring over 300,000 solar panels.

Wind Project in Brazil

Amazon has created approximately 1,000 jobs in Brazil with a new wind farm, situated within the Seridó Wind Complex. Nearly half of these jobs were filled by workers from local communities in the Rio Grande do Norte region.

Asia-Pacific Expansion

Amazon added over a dozen clean energy projects in the Asia-Pacific region, including its first renewable energy project in South Korea. The company accelerated its clean energy investments in India, with seven utility-scale renewable energy projects announced, and invested in new solar projects in Australia, Japan, and New Zealand.

Texas Projects

In Texas, Amazon invested in 11 utility-scale projects, including the Amazon Solar Farm Texas–Outpost, the company’s third-largest solar project globally. The Texas portfolio, once operational, is expected to generate enough clean energy for over 800,000 Texan households.

Emissions First Partnership

Amazon co-founded the Emissions First Partnership, a coalition committed to updating greenhouse gas accounting standards for the power sector, encouraging corporations to invest in renewable energy projects in markets that facilitate faster decarbonisation.

Amazon aims to achieve 100% renewable energy powering its operations by 2025, contributing to The Climate Pledge—an initiative to reach net-zero carbon by 2040, a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement. The company’s renewable energy projects also support local communities, with over $12 billion in estimated economic investment generated globally from 2014 through 2022 and 39,000 full-time equivalent jobs supported in 2022 alone.