Daihatsu Implements Leadership Overhaul Amid Scandal

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Japanese automaker Daihatsu announced a significant leadership reshuffle in response to a scandal involving cheating on vehicle safety tests. Masahiro Inoue, a seasoned executive from parent company Toyota, is set to take over as Daihatsu’s President in March, signalling Toyota’s commitment to driving reforms within its subsidiary.

The scandal emerged after a whistleblower exposed longstanding violations in safety testing procedures at Daihatsu. Inoue’s appointment, along with the restructuring of key leadership positions, underscores Toyota’s proactive stance in addressing the issue and preventing future scandals.

In his new role, Inoue expressed his commitment to rebuilding trust with customers, suppliers, and dealers. He emphasised the importance of attentive listening and transparency in winning back stakeholders’ confidence.

Looking ahead, Daihatsu plans to unveil a comprehensive business plan in April, outlining its strategic direction and commitment to ethical practices. Despite the challenges posed by the scandal, Daihatsu remains dedicated to upholding its legacy of manufacturing quality vehicles, known affectionately as “the people’s cars” in Japan.

Inoue affirmed Daihatsu’s dedication to revitalising its corporate culture and manufacturing ethos, aligning with the principles of the renowned Toyota Way. With a renewed focus on integrity and excellence, Daihatsu aims for a fresh start rooted in its foundational values.

The leadership changes and forthcoming reforms signify Daihatsu’s determination to overcome challenges, restore trust, and reaffirm its position as a trusted provider of reliable vehicles.