Deutsche Bank Cancels Work From Home for Managing Directors

2 mins read

Deutsche Bank has announced a new office attendance policy, requiring managing directors to return to the office four days a week, signalling a shift towards a more structured approach to hybrid working.

According to an internal memo from CEO Christian Sewing and COO Rebecca Short, managing directors are expected to be present in the office for four days, while other staff members are asked to be present for three days each week. This move marks a departure from the bank’s previous flexibility, where most employees worked remotely three days a week.

The memo highlights that Deutsche Bank aims to optimise the use of real estate by spreading out the workforce more evenly across the week. As part of this strategy, employees are discouraged from working remotely on Mondays and Fridays to ensure a more efficient use of office space.

Deutsche Bank’s decision to revise its remote work policy comes amidst a broader trend in the banking industry towards greater in-office presence following the disruptions caused by the pandemic. The bank had previously cited the pandemic as an opportunity to reduce real estate costs, with plans to decrease office space in Frankfurt by 40% last year.

While Deutsche Bank is implementing stricter office attendance policies for its managing directors, it remains committed to its hybrid working model overall. The bank emphasises that the new guidelines aim to ensure consistency across the organisation and strengthen senior leadership presence in the office, which continues to be the primary place of work.

These changes are set to take effect in June, reflecting Deutsche Bank’s ongoing adaptation to evolving work practices and priorities in the post-pandemic landscape.