Former HBO Executives Launch TV Production Venture

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Former HBO Europe executives Ioanina Pavel and Johnathan Young have teamed up to launch May One, a new production company dedicated to creating high-end TV content in Romania for both local and global audiences. With credits including the award-winning Polish series “Wataha” (The Pack), the Romanian-German thriller “Hackerville,” and HBO Max’s Cold War espionage drama “Spy/Master,” Pavel and Young bring a wealth of experience to their new venture.

During his tenure as VP of Original Production at HBO Europe, Young played a pivotal role in overseeing the development of original local language series across the region. Meanwhile, Pavel began her journey at HBO Romania as a development executive, contributing to hit series such as the gangster drama “Umbre” and “Hackerville” before transitioning into a producer role.

With May One, Pavel and Young aim to continue their legacy of producing compelling and diverse television content, leveraging their expertise and insights gained from their successful stints at HBO. Their focus on creating high-quality dramas in Romanian reflects a growing demand for authentic and captivating storytelling in both local and international markets.

As the industry continues to evolve, May One is poised to make its mark by delivering innovative and engaging TV productions that resonate with audiences worldwide. With a strong foundation built on their past successes, Pavel and Young are well-positioned to lead May One towards a bright future in the ever-expanding landscape of television entertainment.