Goldman Sachs Names Carey Halio as Global Treasurer

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Goldman Sachs has announced the promotion of Carey Halio, the current head of strategy and investor relations, to the position of global treasurer. Effective June 1st, Halio will assume authority over the firm’s extensive $1.6 trillion balance sheet, with key responsibilities including the oversight of liquidity, funding, and capital management. She will report directly to Denis Coleman, Goldman Sachs’ chief financial officer.

This promotion follows the departure of Philip Berlinski, the previous global treasurer, who is set to join Millennium Management, a prominent hedge fund with assets totaling $62 billion. Halio’s new role will also entail leading a team of approximately 900 professionals and serving on the management committee.

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon expressed confidence in Halio’s capabilities, citing her extensive tenure and diverse experience within the organisation. Halio has previously served as the CEO of Goldman Sachs Bank USA and deputy treasurer, demonstrating a deep understanding of the firm’s operations and strategic priorities.

Jehan Ilahi, who has collaborated closely with Halio in strategy and investor relations, will step into the role of head of investor relations, further reinforcing the continuity and strength of Goldman Sachs’ leadership team.