HCA Healthcare Announces Major C-Suite Restructuring

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Managing director

HCA Healthcare, a leading provider of healthcare services, has unveiled a significant restructuring of its executive leadership team.

Effective immediately, HCA’s three operating groups — the American, National, and Atlantic groups — will now report directly to Chief Operating Officer (COO) Jon Foster. This realignment marks a departure from the previous reporting structure, where these groups reported directly to CEO Sam Hazen. The restructuring aims to streamline decision-making processes and enhance coordination across the organisation’s operational divisions.

Additionally, Michael McAlevey has been promoted to the role of Chief Legal and Administrative Officer. In this capacity, McAlevey will oversee a broad spectrum of functions, including marketing, corporate affairs, government relations, ethics and compliance, and information security. His promotion underscores HCA’s commitment to integrating legal and administrative functions to drive strategic initiatives forward.

Furthermore, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Mike Marks will assume oversight of divisions currently reporting to the CFO, excluding information technology. This decision reflects HCA’s strategic focus on integrating revenue cycle operations to optimise financial performance and support future growth initiatives.

CEO Sam Hazen’s closer alignment with innovation and technology teams underscores HCA’s commitment to leveraging data-driven insights and technology-supported tools to transform care delivery. The company sees artificial intelligence as a key enabler in enhancing care processes, improving quality, and driving operational efficiencies.

HCA’s strategic growth initiatives include targeting a 29% market share in healthcare services by the end of the decade, with a focus on expanding its outpatient presence. The company has been actively investing in freestanding emergency departments and plans to acquire additional facilities to bolster its presence in key markets.

Commenting on the restructuring, CEO Sam Hazen stated, “These changes reflect our ongoing commitment to driving operational excellence and innovation in healthcare delivery. By realigning reporting structures and promoting key executives, we aim to position HCA for continued success in an evolving healthcare landscape.”

The restructuring of HCA’s C-suite underscores the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality care, driving growth, and remaining at the forefront of innovation in the healthcare industry.