Jane Fraser

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Jane Fraser holds the prestigious position of Chief Executive Officer at Citi, recognized as the world’s most globally-reaching bank, with a vast presence across 160 countries and jurisdictions, serving myriad consumers, businesses, and institutions. Notably, she stands as the inaugural female CEO in the company’s storied history. Since assuming the role in March 2021, Fraser has been the driving force behind a comprehensive, multi-year strategy designed to elevate Citi’s profitability and prepare it effectively for the rapid and intricate dynamics of the digital age. This strategic initiative encompasses the revitalisation of Citi’s risk and control landscape through infrastructure modernisation, an unwavering commitment to operational excellence, and substantial investments in nurturing a positive corporate culture. Jane Fraser is unwavering in her dedication to position Citi as the paramount banking partner for institutions with international requirements, a global leader in wealth management, and a cherished personal banking choice in its homeland, the United States.