JetBlue Appoints Head of Revenue and Network Planning

2 mins read

JetBlue Airways, the U.S.-based carrier, is undergoing a significant transformation in its executive leadership team under the leadership of recently appointed Chief Executive Joanna Geraghty. The airline has announced the appointment of Daniel Shurz as its new Head of Revenue, Network, and Enterprise Planning, and Dave Clark as its Head of Finance and Strategy.

Daniel Shurz, a seasoned airline executive with experience at Frontier Airlines and Air Canada, will lead critical aspects of JetBlue’s profitability efforts and work on strengthening the airline’s network positioning. Shurz will report directly to JetBlue’s President, Marty St. George.

In addition to Shurz’s appointment, JetBlue has selected Dave Clark, a longtime executive at the airline, as its new Head of Finance and Strategy. Clark will report to Chief Financial Officer Ursula Hurley.

Joanna Geraghty, Chief Executive of JetBlue Airways, expressed confidence in the newly appointed leaders, emphasising the airline’s commitment to returning to profitability and enhancing its operational reliability. Geraghty stated, “JetBlue’s leadership team is laser-focused on our objectives of returning to profitability and driving improved reliability while bolstering the unique culture that sets us apart in the industry. We’re happy to welcome Daniel Shurz to JetBlue and also to continue to strengthen our leadership team.”

The appointments of Shurz and Clark are part of JetBlue’s ongoing efforts to revamp its senior leadership team and steer the airline towards sustained profitability and growth. With these new additions, JetBlue aims to leverage the executives’ expertise to navigate the challenging aviation landscape and capitalise on opportunities for network expansion and revenue growth.