Karen Jane Salutan-Krukover

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CEO of the Year (Film Production) – Philippines 2023

EdukSine is the first and the only block screening streaming platform and a pioneering cultural and social enterprise in the Philippines that believes in the transformative power of film, culture, and the arts as tools for relevant and responsive education. As the first and only platform of its kind in the country, EdukSine is committed to uplifting the lives of independent filmmakers and producers who often face limited support and access to distribution channels. Through our online streaming platform, which is available through our EdukSine website and soon-to-be-released mobile application, as well as through hybrid and face-to-face screenings, EdukSine provides a vital platform for showcasing socially relevant, educational, and independent Filipino films to audiences both in the Philippines and beyond. At the heart of EdukSine’s mission is the belief that film education can be a powerful tool for promoting critical thinking, understanding our history, culture, and beliefs, and driving social transformation. We are committed to bringing these important stories and perspectives to a wider audience, and in doing so, empowering individuals and communities to break free from social and cultural ignorance and work towards a brighter future.