Mozilla Cuts 60 Jobs Cut Following CEAppointment

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Mozilla Corp., the developer of the Firefox web browser, is undergoing restructuring with approximately 60 job cuts, constituting about 5% of its workforce. The reorganisation, primarily affecting the product development division, follows the recent appointment of Laura Chambers as CEO, succeeding longtime chief Mitchell Baker, who now serves as executive chairman.

In a statement, Mozilla explained the decision as a strategic reallocation of resources, focusing on areas with the highest growth potential, notably Firefox Mobile. The company aims to establish a more robust industry model while scaling back investment in other product areas.

Chambers, a seasoned executive with experience at Airbnb Inc. and eBay Inc., brings a fresh perspective to Mozilla’s leadership. The restructuring reflects Mozilla’s commitment to adaptability and innovation amid evolving market dynamics.

Mozilla, a not-for-profit organisation competing with tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, has been addressing challenges in maintaining Firefox’s market share. Despite this, Mozilla continues to offer a diverse product portfolio, including Thunderbird email software and the Pocket article-saving app.

The job cuts at Mozilla come amidst a broader trend of tech industry layoffs, signalling ongoing adjustments within the sector. As the industry evolves, Mozilla remains focused on its mission to deliver innovative solutions while optimising operational efficiency for sustained growth.