New Report cites hindrance to women of colour on path to C-suite

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The path to reaching executive positions, particularly for women of colour, can be extremely challenging and unequal. A significant majority of HR leaders emphasise the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organisations, according to the annual and McKinsey’s Women in the Workplace study.

However, the study reveals that women of colour experience the most significant drop in representation from entry-level positions to C-suite positions. This stark disparity highlights ongoing issues related to bias and opportunities for career advancement.

One key issue identified is that women are often evaluated and promoted based on their past accomplishments, while men may be assessed and promoted based on their potential for future success. This bias can particularly disadvantage entry-level women who have shorter track records, creating a “broken rung” on the career ladder.

These challenges underscore the need for continued efforts to address bias, promote diversity and inclusion, and create more equitable pathways to leadership roles for all individuals, regardless of their gender or ethnicity.