Othmane Kazouz

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COO of the Year (Digital Transformation) – Morocco 2024

With over 10 years of experience in the staffing and talent delivery industry, I am passionate about creating and delivering innovative solutions that empower people and organizations to achieve their full potential. As the Chief Operating Officer at Cplnetwork, my job is to ensure the company has effective operational procedures in place to secure the functionality of the business and assist the CEO to drive extensive and sustainable growth. Skilled in strategic planning, process optimization, and team leadership, I excel in streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and fostering a culture of innovation. I embrace situations seeking administrative change, process renovation and overall performance improvement that are enthusiastic and mission driven. I am adept at achieving goals by devising clear project goals, minimizing risks, creating performance baselines, and building solid relationships to propel organizational growth. achievements I am excited to share the groundbreaking achievements of our company in the realm of IT digital transformation in Morocco. We have successfully established competency centers across various domains, catering to clients worldwide, and developed cutting-edge expertise centers in both Portugal and Morocco. Our commitment to excellence is further demonstrated through our dedicated training center, which focuses on upskilling our expert consultants. Our diverse portfolio spans key sectors such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, and ecommerce, reflecting our broad impact and industry leadership