stc Group furthers partnership with Microsoft

2 mins read

stc Group, a key player in digital transformation, has announced an expansion of its strategic partnership with Microsoft to drive digitisation and innovation in Saudi Arabia. This collaboration will involve the joint development and deployment of cutting-edge solutions to transform and empower organisations across various industries and support the growth of small businesses in the digital economy.

stc Group’s CEO, Olayan Alwetaid, emphasised that this partnership represents a significant milestone in the digital transformation journey for both stc Group and Saudi Arabia. It is aimed at positioning Saudi Arabia at the forefront of global innovation and promoting digital advancement, economic diversification, and prosperity for the country.

The partnership with Microsoft will enable stc’s subsidiaries to explore new markets, develop disruptive business models, and introduce innovative products and services. By leveraging advanced technologies, the collaboration aims to provide secure and high-quality digital experiences for businesses throughout Saudi Arabia.

This partnership will also serve as an innovation hub, contributing to the transformation of industries not only within Saudi Arabia but also on a global scale.

Ralph Haupter, President of Microsoft EMEA, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration’s goal to empower businesses of all sizes and industries with customised digital solutions, enabling them to innovate and address their unique challenges while driving equitable business growth.

The alliance will bring together stc Group’s local and regional channels with Microsoft’s partner and developer ecosystem, creating a synergistic environment that fosters the deployment of new services, partner-led innovation, and increased demand. Additionally, the partnership will focus on skills development and the digital transformation of non-digitised entities, with the aim of making innovation benefits inclusive and sustainable.