Television New Zealand Anticipates Job Cuts Amidst Digital Shift

2 mins read

TVNZ is poised to announce significant job cuts, with potential ramifications for its newsroom and flagship programmes, including the 6pm news. As the New Zealand broadcaster endeavours to transition into a digital-first era and grapples with dwindling traditional television advertising revenue, cost-cutting measures are at the forefront of its agenda.

Reports suggest that dozens of positions, possibly exceeding 60, may be affected across various departments, with a particular focus on news and current affairs. Speculation surrounds potential alterations to programming formats, such as reducing the length of the 6pm news from one hour to 30 minutes and merging teams responsible for delivering shows like Sunday and Fair Go.

While TVNZ staff remain tight-lipped, anticipation mounts as they await formal communication regarding the proposed changes. The looming restructuring underscores the broadcaster’s commitment to fostering a more sustainable operating model aligned with digital transformation imperatives.

Against the backdrop of a challenging media market and a recent half-year loss of $16.7 million, TV New Zealand CEO Jodi O’Donnell has reiterated the necessity for prudent cost management across all facets of the organisation. No aspect of operations, including flagship productions like Shortland Street, is immune from scrutiny as TVNZ navigates the evolving media landscape.

As industry stakeholders await further developments, Broadcasting Minister Melissa Lee has emphasised the government’s limited intervention capacity in supporting media organisations. Amidst uncertainty, TVNZ’s impending announcement signals a pivotal juncture in its strategic realignment efforts and underscores the imperative for adaptive resilience in an ever-evolving media ecosystem.