The Growing Influence of Podcasts in the C-Suite

2 mins read

In an era where nearly 100 million Americans tune into podcasts weekly, the prominence of podcasts, especially in the B2B realm, has become increasingly apparent as a strategic avenue for reaching high-level executives who wield considerable influence over major corporate decisions.

Signal Hill Insights, leveraging data from over 12,000 annual surveys conducted among US adult podcast listeners by Triton Digital, sheds light on the significant role podcasts play in engaging senior executives, according to Signal Hill founder Jeff Vidler.

These executives, comprising 4% of all monthly adult podcast listeners, typically fall within their peak earning years, aged 30 to 49, with a notable concentration in the 35-44 age bracket. Moreover, 73% of these executive listeners are men, indicating a gender disparity even within the podcast audience at the executive level.

It’s noteworthy that executives are among the most avid podcast consumers, with 83% tuning in weekly and nearly a third dedicating over five hours per week to podcast consumption.

Unlike the broader audience, senior executives exhibit a strong preference for podcasts that offer substantive content beyond mere entertainment. While comedy tops the list among general listeners, executives favour genres such as news, business, education, and technology podcasts.

When it comes to consumption habits, the majority of these executives seamlessly integrate podcasts into their daily routines, whether during leisure time at home, commuting by car or public transport, or engaging in physical activity. Interestingly, senior executives lean towards platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts over YouTube, diverging from the general trend observed among podcast listeners.

These insights show the potency of podcasts as a medium for connecting with and captivating senior executives, providing B2B brands with a prime opportunity to engage with this high-value audience seeking content that enriches both their professional and personal lives.