Timothy Wennes

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Tim Wennes serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Country Head for Santander U.S., alongside holding the positions of President and Chief Executive Officer for Santander Bank. In this capacity, he oversees the management of all Santander U.S. operations and is tasked with formulating and executing comprehensive long-term growth strategies within the United States.

Wennes joined Santander in September 2019, amassing over three decades of experience in the realms of banking and finance. He is an integral member of the Santander Holdings USA, Inc. and SBNA Boards of Directors and Executive Committees. His appointment to the Santander Consumer USA Holdings Inc., Banco Santander International, and Santander Capital Holdings LLC Boards of Directors took place in August 2022.

Beyond his corporate roles, Wennes dedicates his expertise to the nonprofit sector, actively participating on the governing board of Operation HOPE, Inc., a nonprofit organisation dedicated to promoting financial dignity and inclusion, and providing individuals with the tools for a better financial future through education.

Wennes earned his undergraduate degree in business administration from the University of Southern California, followed by an MBA in International Business from California State University Fullerton