UK Cyber Leaders Report Lack of C-Level Support

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UK IT security leaders feel their organisations would deprioritise cybersecurity in favour of accelerating digital transformation, enhancing employee experience, and supporting hybrid working models, according to a recent Trend Micro survey. This survey, which included responses from 100 cybersecurity leaders, highlighted a significant disconnect between cybersecurity priorities and C-suite understanding.

A staggering 46% of surveyed leaders are confident that their C-suite fully comprehends the cyber risks their organisations face. Despite this, 74% have experienced pressure from the boardroom to downplay the severity of these risks. This pressure undermines the credibility of cybersecurity functions within organisations.

The survey also revealed that UK security leaders believe it would take a financial loss of approximately £145,000 from a cyber incident to motivate C-suite executives to act decisively on cyber risks. Cybersecurity, identified as the number one threat to businesses, is often sidelined in favour of other priorities such as digital transformation (35%), employee experience (33%), and hybrid working (31%).