Addressing Raise Requests from Low-Performing Staff

In the complex world of business leadership, the question of compensation is a delicate balance between recognising valuable contributions and motivating high performance. Yet, what happens when a low-performing staff member approaches

How Elite CEOs Give Negative Feedback

In the dynamic realm of executive leadership, the ability to provide negative feedback is a defining trait that separates the good from the exceptional. Elite CEOs understand that criticism, when delivered with

Diversity moves frustrated by conservative groups

Several U.S. corporations that committed to diversifying their workforces three years ago are encountering opposition from conservative legal organizations. Right-leaning non-profits, America First Legal and the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty,

Businesses across Europe hit by windfall tax


European governments are increasingly resorting to windfall taxes as a means to address budgetary shortfalls and address public discontent over corporations reaping substantial profits amid one of the most severe cost of