Jarkko Mäensivu

CEO of the Year (Banking) – Lithuania 2023 Clear thinking embracing leader who has spent the last years building a new scalable digital bank and platform business which now has operations in

Jane Fraser

Jane Fraser holds the prestigious position of Chief Executive Officer at Citi, recognized as the world’s most globally-reaching bank, with a vast presence across 160 countries and jurisdictions, serving myriad consumers, businesses,

José Luis Blanco – Nordex

José Luis Blanco currently holds the position of CEO at Nordex SE, a prominent German wind turbine manufacturer. His journey with Nordex began in 2015 when he assumed the role of Chief

Julie Gao

Gao is ByteDance’s second Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since the company’s inception. She is currently based in Hong Kong and Singapore, assuming a pivotal role that had remained vacant following the company’s

Javier Olivan

Javier Olivan serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Meta, where he holds responsibility for the company’s business teams, infrastructure, and central products across its range of applications. Javier joined the organisation,

Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams serves as Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook. In this capacity, he holds responsibility for overseeing Apple’s global operations, encompassing customer service and support. Williams leads

Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon pursued a dual major in psychology and economics during his time at Tufts University, and he later advanced his education by attending Harvard Business School, where he earned a Master